Here is a collection of some of the most fascinating tales from the history of California. Organized chronologically, and including overviews of principal historical events, the book describes the unusual, humorous, and bizarre --the small stories often omitted from history books.

Included are stories of:

A man who accurately predicted the weather, earthquakes--and even his own death!

A battle that continued even though each side's cannon fire was unable to reach the enemy's army!

A rainmaker who was hired by the city of San Diego during a drought, but was so successful that the entire city ended up flooded by many days of rain!

The man who was probably most responsible for the intercontinental railroad, but who has been virtually forgotten by history.

A man who surveyed the route from New Mexico to the Colorado River--using camels!

Cable cars--but not in San Francisco. In San Diego!

. . . . . and many more

True Stories of Old California
ISBN 1-881164-93-4

Price: US $10.95 Canada $13.95

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