This second collection of tales from the state's history is organized geographically with sections devoted to the San Diego area, the Los Angeles area, the Central Coast, and the desert communities.

Included are stories of:

A jail that was built so poorly that it couldn't keep its inmates locked up for more than a short time

A harebrained scheme by a group of Americans to take over and control Baja California--and why it proved to be a failure.

The brief time that the capital of California was: Santa Barbara!

Baseball in California--more than 150 years ago!

The many names a town was called until it finally became--Beverly Hills.

Bitter rivalries between Los Angeles and San Diego to attract new residents.

Jesse Shepard and "Villa Montezuma" the supposedly haunted house where he lived. many more.

More True Stories of Old California
ISBN 1-881164-94-2

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