Deep under the city of Los Angeles excavation is going on for a new subway system. But when a severe earthquake rocks the city and a worker is found dead in the subway tunnels, reporter Rogers Kennison begins to wonder just how safe the new project really is. The quake, however, proves to be only the beginning of his problems. For in a mere few days, Kennison and his friends Denise Burton and Professor Marcus Kominsky will find themselves caught up in a web of intrigue, violence--and murder.

"Schiller draws an all too believable picture of Los Angeles in the midst of a trembler, of a vast construction project laced with bribery and corruption, and of terror along the newly laid tracks of a Los Angeles subway."
I Love a Mystery Magazine

"...a web of intrigue and violence,"
Publishers Weekly

"...pulls every string...."
Kirkus Reviews

Death Underground
ISBN 1-881164-84-5

Price: US $9.95 Canada $12.95

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