Based on a true story, this book, designed for young people, tells of a dog who wandered into San Diego in 1886. He had probably been on the steamboat Santa Rosa , and once the boat landed, the pooch decided to explore the town.

It didn't take long for the dog, who was given the name "Bum," to endear himself to just about everyone and in a very short time, he was adopted as San Diego's "town dog."
Bum frequently followed the newsboys who sold the papers, later he would run with the fire wagons, and he also had a career helping photographers to keep children occupied when they were being photographed.

The many adventures of Bum and his friendship with Captain James Friend provide a charming tale for all ages.

"...a touching story..."
Ventura Star

"...fine children's reading..."
Adelante, Newsletter of the Congress of History

"...intriguing biography...beautifully illustrated by dozens of silhouettes and drawings..."
The Jerusalem Post Magazine

The Dog That Belonged to No One
ISBN 1-881164-91-8

Price: US $5.95 Canada $8.25

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